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If you include your Bizcard Link with a message, your Bizcard Link cannot be surrounded by text. It must be the first item or the last item in your text. It cannot be placed in the middle of your text message.

iPhone to iPhone

When exchanging links from iPhone to iPhone, the web link preview will not display when the text is from a number that the receiving iPhone has not encountered before and you will get a “Report Junk” option. See the screenshot below:


Fig 1: iPhone to new iPhone


To remedy this, simply have the receiver reply to your text so his/her iPhone knows the sender is safe. Once the recipient replies to your text, the message will change to “Tap to Load Preview” bubble.


Fig 2: iPhone text after recipient responds


Tap the “Tap to Load Preview” bubble and The Bizcard Link will unfurl and be enabled. For best results, I program the text replacement key that I use for my Bizcard with a message preceding the link.


Fig 3: Final Bizcard Link unfurled

Android to iPhone

Android to iPhone web previews will always be received by the iPhone with a “Tap to Load Preview” bubble. Do as instructed and the Bizcard will unfurl.

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