What is a Bizcard Link?

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A Bizcard Link or URL (Universal Resources Locator) is the address that directs the internet to a specific page. The minimum elements required are  a “protocol” (https://) and a  domain (“dopeydaisy.com).

Your Bizcard is a specific page within the dopeydaisy.com domain so all Dopey Daisy Bizcard links will start with https://dopeydaisy.com to direct the browser to the Dopey Daisy domain followed by the specific page you created when you submitted and activated your Dopey Daisy Bizcard.

See Dopey Daisy’s link: https://dopeydaisy.com/dopey?daisy

When sharing your Dopey Daisy link via text messages, you must use the entire link address including the “https://” (protocol) so your device knows you have included a link.

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