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There are 5 instances where you may want to upload media and all use the same basic wizard.

  • Upload Bizcard Bizimg when creating or editing Bizcard
  • Upload VCard file to Bizcard
  • Upload an image to VCard
  • Manage VCards allows you to upload multiple VCards to your Media Library
  • Manage Bizimgs allows you to upload multiple Bizimgs to your Media Library

All files must first be uploaded to your Media Library. From the Media Library you can then select which file or image you would like to attach to your Bizcard.

  1. Select the Upload button icon.
  2. From the upload media window you have two options:
    • Upload Files — Upload files from your device’s file system
    • Media Library — Select previously uploaded media from your media library

    Image of Upload Media Tabs

  3. The Media Library will only display the allowable file types required by the upload task you are performing. (i.e. .jpg | .png | .gif for Bizimgs and .vcf for VCards).
  4. If you are selecting multiple files from Manage VCards or Manage Bizimgs, hold down the ctrl key while you select all of the files you want.
  5. Select the “Use this Bizimg | VCard” button when attaching Bizimg or VCard to your Bizcard or select the Close button from either the Manage VCards or Manage Bizimgs menu.

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