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Most instant messengers will display the same rich text preview message like the default messenger apps on iPhone and Android. There is one caveat. When you open the link, the messenger may use its own browser with limited functionality. You will not be able to download the contact information to your devices’s contacts using these browsers. You will be prompted to open it elsewhere. See the below example for Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger

Importing contacts with Facebook Messenger screenshot
This figure is described in steps 1-3.
  1. The rich text preview of your Bizcard is shown here in Facebook Messenger. Selecting the link will open the Bizcard in Facebook’s browser.
  2. Dopey Daisy will prompt you that Bizcard functionality is not supported in this type of browser. Select OK.
  3. Select the menu at the bottom right of the screen to open in a different browser.
  4. Because we were using an iPhone, we will choose the Open in Safari option and follow the same steps described in How To: Import VCard — iPhone

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