A word of caution when sharing Bizcards

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Sharing your custom Bizcard Link allows recipients access to the contact information (“VCard”) you provided in your Bizcard for the purposes of storing your contact information in their contact lists or other records. Be aware of the following:

  • Broadcast posting your Bizcard Link on social media feeds like Facebook or Twitter allows anyone with access to your social media feed the ability to download your contact information. If you choose to do this, limit the information in your VCard to the minimum (ie website or 800-number) otherwise everyone may have access to your personal information. For example, you may not want to include your home address or personal cell phone. See How To: Create a VCard
  • You can prevent further distribution and access to your information by changing your security pin. See How To: Edit Bizcards
  • Please do not use the images, content and contact information in your Bizcard to solicit or advertise any illegal and/or unlawful activites or any activities that do not comply with Dopey Daisy’s Terms of Use. See our complete Terms of Use policy at Claim of Respect (aka Terms of Use Policy)
  • Only include your contact information or information that you are authorized to provide on behalf of the contact information owner.
  • Please make sure your Bizcard Content does not violate any copyright, trademark, and other laws;
  • Remember Dopey Daisy is not responsible for your Bizcard distribution. We will endeavor to protect our subscribers as much as possible. For your protection we may remove your Bizcard if we detect any suspicious activity and contact you for further action.
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