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There are many ways you can share your Bizcard — surely more than we have thought of here.

Think of your Dopey Daisy Bizcard as your own mini-website that contains basic information about yourself and that can only be accessed when you provide your contacts with the credentialed website address. Go to Dopey Daisy’s Bizcard to see what an active Bizcard looks like when someone other than yourself uses your Bizcard Link (or see image below).
Active Bizcard Link website screenshot

Note: If a person does not have the full site credentials including the security pin, this is what he or she will see. (see FAQ: What is the security pin for? ).

Here is a short list of ways you can share your Bizcard and links to the “How-To”

From Mobile

From a mobile device, Dopey Daisy Bizcards are programmed to automatically open and prompt you to download the VCard to the devices’s default contact management app. This auto-open functionality is device and browser specific but supported by most commonly used browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge,).

Learn some tips to efficiently manage your Bizcard Link on your devices at My link is too long .

From Desktop

From your desktop,  your contact can go to your Bizcard Link address and download your contact information using the download button. Depending on the browser, the browser will prompt the user to open in a default contact application like Outlook (Firefox and MS Edge Opera) or to save to a file folder (Chrome). From a saved location, the user can choose to import contact information into their contacts via Outlook, Gmail contacts or equivalent.

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