My link is too long

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I know, your link is too long to type into a text message or even to remember. STOP typing it in!

Here are a few suggestions to have your Dopey Daisy Bizcard always at your finger tips.

  1. Use text replacement. Most devices have a text replacement feature. This is how they suggest words as you type. Save your long link to a shortcut and then have your device suggest automatically.

  2. Copy and Paste.Most devices have a copy and paste feature. Set up a verified SMS number at Dopey Daisy and text your link to yourself. Press and hold the text message and, on most devices, a copy option will appear. Paste into a text message stream to your new recipient.
  3. Forward your message.Alternatively, using the forwarding option, forward the text message sent to you from Dopey Daisy’s SMS messaging feature to your new recipient.