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Once your Bizcard recipient has received your contact information, he or she can select the picture or the link to open your Bizcard Link address. Follow the steps below: Note: as of Android v6.0.1.

Android system takes you through quite a number of steps. Hang in there and keep tapping. It really is easier then typing it in manually.

Samsung Android Steps 1-3 screenshot
This figure is described in steps 1-3.
  1. After selecting the link in the text message, select the Download link that pops up at the bottom of the screen.
  2. After file is downloaded select Open at the prompt at the bottom of the screen.
  3. The prompt in step 2 will disappear if you do not select it within a couple seconds. No worries, roll down the notifications at the top of your screen and you can select the file there.
    Android steps 4-6 import VCard screenshot
    This figure is described in steps 3-6
  4. On the next screen select Save.
  5. Save to the contact management system of your choice. We chose our Verizon Phone.
  6. Select OK when prompted to Import contacts from VCard file (VCF).
    Contact saved to android screenshot.
    This figure is described in step 7
  7. Once imported you will need to go to Android’s contacts to find the entry. We opened our Dopey Daisy contact entry for this screenshot.

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