Create a VCard

Creating a VCard is easy. Select Create VCard icon from your new Bizcard form or the Create new VCard link at the bottom of the Manage VCards page. This will open the VCard window. There are 5 elements you can enter when creating a VCard on Dopey Daisy: Add photo Add name, company, organization and […]

Export VCard

You can either choose to create a new VCard from the Dopey Daisy site or upload VCards you created in other contact management applications and exported in the .vcf format. Most email or contact management systems like Outlook or Gmail allow you to export your contacts as a .vcf file. NOTE: Exporting as a single […]

Manage VCards

You can manage your VCards from the Bizcards | Manage VCards page. This page will list all of your VCard files and a column indicating to which Bizcards these files are attached. You can choose the Edit link to change any information in the VCard. Choosing the Delete link will delete your VCard from the […]