Create a Dopey Daisy Bizcard

Watch Video Step by Step Instructions Once you have signed up and activated your Dopey Daisy subscription, your ‘Bizcard Stats’ should reflect at least 1 unredeemed Bizcard. Now, it is time to create your first Dopey Daisy Bizcard. All you need is an image (.jpg, .png, .gif) to upload. See Dopey Daisy’s bizcard below: If […]

Upload media images and files

There are 5 instances where you may want to upload media and all use the same basic wizard. Upload Bizcard Bizimg when creating or editing Bizcard Upload VCard file to Bizcard Upload an image to VCard Manage VCards allows you to upload multiple VCards to your Media Library Manage Bizimgs allows you to upload multiple […]

Activate Bizcard

After you submit your completed Bizcard, you will be redirected to your new Bizcard’s page. This page illustrates what your Bizcard will look like. This figure is described in steps 1-5 From this page you can navigate to the My Bizcards page by selecting View All Bizcards. You can also choose to add another new […]

Manage Bizcards

To view and manage your Bizcards (active and draft) go to Bizcards | My Bizcards. From this page you have full functionality to: Send your link to yourself via text or email Edit Deactivate/Activate Delete See related help topics:

Edit Bizcards

You can easily edit your Bizcards at anytime. Go to Bizcards | My Bizcards or directly to your Bizcard link and select the Edit button underneath the Bizcard. Note: You can only have one Bizcard open for edit at any given time so make sure you update to save any changes. The Edit form is […]

Manage Bizimgs

You can manage your Bizimgs from the Bizcards | Manage Bizimgs page. From this listing you can view a thumbnail and file name of the Bizimg and a listing of the Bizcards to which this Bizimg is associated. You can choose the Edit link which allows a limited set of features to edit your Bizimg […]

Setup SMS text number

If you want Dopey Daisy to send your Bizcard Link via text message, you will need to setup and verify your mobile phone number. Navigate to My Account and select My Text Number. Enter your mobile number in the box provided. Note: Must be a 10-digit phone number in the US or Canada Review the […]