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You can easily edit your Bizcards at anytime. Go to Bizcards | My Bizcards or directly to your Bizcard link and select the Edit button underneath the Bizcard. Note: You can only have one Bizcard open for edit at any given time so make sure you update to save any changes.

The Edit form is the same form you used to create the Bizcard.

Edit Bizcard screenshot
This figure is described in steps 1-4
  1. Change the Bizimg by selecting the image or the icon.
  2. Select the icon next to My Bizcard Display to edit:
    My Bizcard Display screenshot

    • your title and summary information
    • your Bizcard Link. Note:when you change this link your previous link will no longer be available to those with whom you have shared the previous link
    • your security pin
  3. Select the icon next to My VCard Contact Info to:My VCard contact info screenshot
    • Select the Replace icon to replace the current VCard with a different VCard in your Library or upload a new VCard.
    • Edit the current VCard by selecting the Edit icon.
    • Create a new VCard by first removing the current VCard by clicking on the “X” next to the replace icon. This will give you a Create icon from which you can create a new VCard.
  4. Select Update button to save changes.

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