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Creating a VCard is easy. Select Create VCard icon from your new Bizcard form or the Create new VCard link at the bottom of the Manage VCards page. This will open the VCard window.

There are 5 elements you can enter when creating a VCard on Dopey Daisy:

  • Add photo
  • Add name, company, organization and role (*only a name is required)
  • Add addresses (as many as you need)
  • Add phone numbers (as many as you need)
  • Add email addresses (as many as you need)
  • Add URLs (as many as you need)

Note: The only element required in your VCard contact information is a name.

For addresses, phone numbers, emails and URLs you can select a label (i.e Work | Home | Pref), if you choose to or leave as None.

If you need to add multiple addresses, phone numbers, emails or URLs, click the plus button and a new input form will be loaded for that section.

Enter a file name or agree to the pre-populated file name by selecting Submit VCard. If you haven’t done so already and everything is correct, click the Submit VCard button.

If you created the VCard from the New Bizcard or Edit Bizcard pages, this new VCard will now be attached to your new Bizcard — Don’t forget to submit or update the Bizcard. You can remove this VCard from your Bizcard by selecting the “X” next to the replace icon. Note: you can create a new VCard from the Edit Bizcard Form by first removing the current VCard by clicking on the “X” next to the replace icon. This will give you a Create icon from which you can create a new VCard.

Regardless of whether you choose this VCard for your Bizcard, this file is now accessible in your Media Library from New Bizcard, Edit Bizcard or Manage VCards pages — anywhere you might need to access your VCards.

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