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Once you have signed up and activated your Dopey Daisy subscription, your ‘Bizcard Stats’ should reflect at least 1 unredeemed Bizcard. Now, it is time to create your first Dopey Daisy Bizcard. All you need is an image (.jpg, .png, .gif) to upload. See Dopey Daisy’s bizcard below:

If you don’t have a stylized image of your business card, just snap a photo of your paper business card with your phone or sign-up for our custom design services and create your own.

  1. From the main menu go to Bizcards | New Bizcard to view the New Bizcard entry form.
  2. Select the Dopey Daisy Bizcard image or the camera icon at the bottom right to open the add media window. Upload and select your image.
    image of new bizcard form
    Figure refers to steps 3-6.
  3. Enter your title text. This will be be the headline text displayed under your image. Typically your name, organization or company
  4. *OPTIONAL* Enter your summary text. This can be be additional information about yourself that is visible depending on device or application. Typically your tagline, organization or position.
  5. Enter your unique Dopey Daisy Bizcard URL. Typically your name. No spaces are allowed but you can use periods (.) or dashes (-) to separate words. Note: this must be a unique URL, upon submission site will warn you if it is not.
  6. Enter your five digit security pin. This can be numbers or letters, all lowercase. OR choose to keep the system generated pin created for you.
    Figure refers to step 7.
  7. Upload a VCard or select from previously created/uploaded VCards by selecting the Upload VCard button OR Create a new VCard using the Create button. Note:You can remove the VCard from this Bizcard by selecting the “X”, next to the Replace icon.
  8. Once all information is entered select the Submit button and proceed to Bizcard Activation
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