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After you submit your completed Bizcard, you will be redirected to your new Bizcard’s page. This page illustrates what your Bizcard will look like.

This figure is described in steps 1-5
  1. From this page you can navigate to the My Bizcards page by selecting View All Bizcards.
  2. You can also choose to add another new Bizcard by selecting + Add New Bizcard.
  3. Check your Bizcard Stats to make sure have at least one unredeemed Bizcard. If you do not, purchase another subscription or inactivate an active Bizcard from the Bizcards | My Bizcards page. You can activate/deactivate your Bizcards at anytime.
  4. From this page you should see that your Bizcard Link is yellow. This is a non active link but gives you a preview of how your Bizcard Link will read. You can edit this by selecting the Edit button.
  5. Select the Activate button to activate this Bizcard.
  6. You will be asked to agree to Dopey Daisy Terms and Conditions. A full review of our Terms and Conditions can be found at Claim of Respect (aka Terms of Use Policy) .
    This figure is described in steps 7-9
  7. After successful activation your Bizcard Stats will reflect at least one active Bizcard.
  8. Your Bizcard Link will now be blue indicating an active link. To use this link for sharing, you can:
    • Select link with your right mouse button or select and hold if on mobile device and choose copy.
    • Text it to your self using the icon. Note: If your text icon appears disabled and is followed by a icon, you will need to add and verify a mobile number.
      • See How To: .
    • Email it to yourself using the icon.
  9. Congratulations you are ready to share your electronic Bizcard. To deactivate this Bizcard select the Deactivate button and your Bizcard Link will no longer be available.

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